This is the fastest and safest way to purify and detoxify your legs.

Made with natural herbs and powerful plants, these Ginger lymphatic drainage foot soak helps to;

  • Purify and detoxify infections accumulating in your legs, 
  • Effectively reduces swelling and releases built toxins inside your limbs.
  • Lowers inflammation and cleanses the lymph node to prevent/cure swelling.
  • Relaxes and soothes the body effortlessly which also results in improving blood circulation for fast and effective results.
  • Provides healthy after-effects, visible outcomes like healthier blood flow and unclogged blood vessels.
  • Contains incredible antioxidants that prevent harmful toxins from accumulating inside


Works like magic!

My foot I have had dry, cracked and peeling skin. I’ve tried so many things and nothing has ever worked for me. I soak for 1 hour every day, and it was drastically9.25 better the morning after. I haven’t been able to walk straight due to the pain in my feet and it was all gone after one application.


Great buy! I love it!

I had to wait to write my review because I had a cut on my foot that was healing but after that I finally got to use these this morning and it really did help. Not a cure all, But definitely relieved some pain and swelling. Thank you!! .


I love it!

I love the ginger anti swelling tablets. They work great for swelling feet .


Very Unique Gift Idea!

My friends husband had cancer and one of the medications he was on made his feet swell and hurt like crazy. They said this helped a lot so I ordered more for them.


How to Use

1. Add warm water to the container with the product inside.
2. Wait until water changes color
3. Soak feet inside water for 15 minutes then dry feet after


  • Those with a history of bleeding should follow the doctor’s advice.
  • Do not soak your feet during menstruation and pregnancy.
  • Do not soak your feet within 30 minutes before and after meals.
  • This product cannot replace drugs.
  • Dont spend too much time in three groups.
  • People with foot injury and inflammation should not soak their feet.
  • 15-30 minutes is the appropriate time for soaking your feet with this product





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One month treatment (3 packs)=

FORMERLY: TSh220,000

Two months treatment (6 packs)=


FORMERLY: TSh400,000

Three months treatment (9 packs)=

FORMERLY: TSh600,000

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    Specifications: 10pcs a pack
    Product ingredients: wormwood, safflower, motherwort, ginger slices
    Shelf life: 2 years
    Net content: 70g
    How to use: boiled or boiled in pot
    Test population: general (except pregnant women)
    Applicable places: family moxibustion hall beauty salon hospital.

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